Wrongful Death Lawsuits

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Wrongful death claims can arise from a variety of circumstances. A wrongful death claim or lawsuit can be the only way to recover the cost of medical care preceding death, funeral expenses and the lost financial  contribution of a family member who died in an accident or as the result of negligent or wrongful acts.


What a lawsuit can do is help you cover expenses related to the accident and, more importantly, help you prepare for an uncertain future. Make sure your attorney has the experience and skill to recover the compensation you'll need. To schedule a free consultation with The Barber Firm, LLC in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, call (561) 221-1708 or contact us online today.


Who Can Recover Compensation?

In Florida, the decedent's spouse is eligible to collect benefits. If there is no spouse, then children are eligible. If there or no children, then parents are eligible and if there are no parents, siblings are eligible.


What Benefits Are Available?

It's not possible to put an actual "value" on anyone's life and that's not the purpose of wrongful death actions. Instead, the purpose is to help you continue living life as you're accustomed to it, even without your loved one. The benefits you may collect include:


   •     Medical expenses prior to death

   •     Funeral and burial expenses

   •     Lost future earnings / wages / economic contributions

   •     Loss of love, society, comfort and solace


To schedule a free consultation at The Barber Firm, LLC, call (561) 221-1708 or contact us online today.