Brain Injuries

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The brain provides the physical network necessary for our personalities and our thoughts to exist. When someone suffers a brain injury, they are changed forever.


They may lose their ability to earn income and may no longer be able to live independently. Their homes may need to be altered or modified and they may also require frequent and continual medical attention. Because of these uncertainties and the costs of living life with a disability, it is   important that your settlement can support your future needs. Find an attorney with the experience to help you stand up and demand fair treatment from the  insurance company.


Brain Injuries: Different Levels of Severity, Different Causes


Brain injuries are classed by severity in three separate categories: mild, moderate and severe. While an individual with a mild brain injury may lose certain mental functions like short–term memory, someone with a  severe brain injury will lose the ability to effectively function as an        independent member of society.

Any kind of head trauma, if it's severe enough, can cause a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Injuries can also be caused by lack of oxygen or a whiplash–induced "shearing" injury. In "shearing," the brain "shifts" and is scraped along the skull's rough interior. Attorney, Zedrick Barber II will personally handle your case and work directly with you.


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