Truck Accidents

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Helping Truck Crash Victims


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Board (NTSB) provide clear safety standards for the commercial trucking industry. Truck drivers and trucking companies are expected to strictly follow these regulations regarding regular maintenance, driving hours, load weight, truck speed, etc.

At The Barber Firm, LLC, we conduct thorough investigations to find out if and how a violation of these regulations caused your accident. We have substantial resources and experience to hold negligent truck drivers and trucking companies accountable for the serious injuries they cause, including:

   •     Brain injuries and head trauma resulting in temporary or permanent disability

   •     Spinal cord injuries resulting in paralysis, paraplegia or quadriplegia

   •     Amputation or permanent loss of function in a limb

   •     Badly broken bones and damaged joints

   •     Back and neck injuries including fractured or crushed vertebrae and slipped and/or herniated discs

   •     Severe burns and disfigurement


Wrongful death in trucking accidents

Following any serious or fatal truck crash, the trucking company's insurance company will almost certainly take immediate action to limit their financial liability or the amount of money they owe to the victims.

Attorney, Zedrick Barber II knows how the insurance companies and defense attorneys operate in these cases. This industry knowledge is invaluable in the fight to obtain full financial compensation in an insurance settlement arising out of a truck accident. For a free consultation at The Barber Firm, LLC, call our Palm Beach Gardens office at (561) 221-1708 or contact us online for a prompt response.


Complex Liability in Truck Accident Cases

There are multiple factors that can cause or contribute to a fatal auto-truck collision or other commercial trucking accident. These may include:

   •     Truck driver recklessness, such as speeding, tailgating, unsafe lane changes

   •     Driver exhaustion due to over hours operation

   •     (a violation of the law)

   •     Truck driver use of alcohol or drugs

   •     Trucking company negligence, including placing overloaded trailers, improperly maintained trucks and incompetent drivers on the road


Regardless of the cause of your injury or loss,The Barber Firm, LLC, will work to uncover the truth about what happened and will fight to make the responsible parties pay. Contact us today for a free consultation. Home and hospital visits are available for your comfort and convenience.