Bicycle Accidents

Statistics show that roughly one third of all bicycle accidents are caused by negligent,  inattentive drivers. The majority of remaining cases are caused by faulty roadway design or inclement weather.

To the victim, it might not matter much who is truly to blame for a bike crash. What is most important is obtaining proper medical care and financial reimbursement for damages suffered, such as:


   •     Broken bones

   •     Back, neck, knee or shoulder injuries

   •     Road rash scars

   •     Head trauma resulting injuries ranging from concussion to   traumatic brain injury (TBI)

   •     Paralysis or permanent nerve damage due to spinal cord injury


The Barber Firm, LLC, offers the experienced legal advice and dedicated representation you need in order to pursue maximum financial recovery after a serious bike crash caused by defective roadway construction, an auto-bicycle collision or any other bicycle accident.


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